We are Studio DA

Studio DA is an advertising company where are working professionals of experience in photography, design and pre-press.

We can advertise your business!

Our experience is to create concepts by uniquely combining design and photography!

It gives us an edge in achieving specific goals and building company image.

Our customers are: Schools, NGOs, Publishers, Web Agencies,Music Agencies,Companies - real estate, textile, food, trade etc.

About the web-site

The following photographic galleries have been created for your viewing pleasure.

This site has been designed to promote the work of Studio DA & picture library of Dimitar Atanasov.

No free images are offered. All of the wotk on display is avaliable in slides and(or) RGB Files on CD.

You may request images by email or phone, stating the intended use.Immediate attention will be given to your request and a fair price will be negotiated.

World-wide photo delivery via international courier or compressed files via internet-up to 70MB.

If you do not see wat you need, please ask.Comments and feedback about this site are always appreciated.

Enjoy your tour.